Louis Weedon (Louis Vuitton) to commemorate the 1985 classic series Epi leather, 2012 - present a series of brilliant color bag extremely! Louis Weedon (Louis Vuitton) Epi classic series Leather interpretation of this group called the "Epi is Magic" advertising campaign, invited to CLARINS (Clarins) founder Jacques Courtin Clarins Claire Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags Courtin Clarins exit deduction granddaughter. Large especially in black and white style, color to highlight the key bag, indigo, purple, green, bright yellow, straight let people see giddy up, happier. In addition to the more color Limited champagne package Petit No иж listed! Of course, this film was too early, this series of products have to wait until October listed oh! Both from the substantive or symbolic meaning, Louis Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags spring summer 2012 men's series is a "travel". Louis Weedon's design director Kim Jones launched its first men's clothing series for Louis Weedon in the Marc Jacobs under the guidance of art. He explained: "in short, this series is the concept of 'travel' and 'travel' in the long river of time at the moment the significance. Travel form the cornerstone of Louis Weedon brand, through the historical development path of brand, today is still the core value. At the same time, it also contains a series of personal experience, explore and mature through a journey of life. Louis Weedon (Louis Vuitton) every time a new flagship store opening will bring us new feel different. The new flagship store in Rome, 1907 theater, built by architect Peter Marino will show the world the very fashion, new form of modern. Czech artist Georg Dokoupil imitation of film, to create a giant mosaic porch. A into the flagship store, of greet is through flagship store three floor space oval staircase lightwells, Italy is full of exotic style of Baroque art. But the most surprising when the number of the world's first Louis Weedon Mini theater, arc shape space can accommodate 18 people, showing Louis Weedon best short film to Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags watch for, believe this corner will become Louis Weedon grants, to encourage a new generation of film art creators of Fuji san. Louis Weedon's star studded Rome flagship store opening day, Kate Blanchett (Cate Blanchett), Luisa Orsini, Antonine Peduzzi designer, socialite Vriginie Courtin, Claire Courtin, the fashion celebrities appeared, like a small LV spring summer new celebrities wear show. Recently, Louis Weedon (Louis Vuitton) 2012 spring and summer series ladies bags full debut. This season the leather with soft ice cream like shape and mellow color reflects the bright light spirit. At the same time, the iconic Lockit handbag with a brand new image, showing the designers of the ingenious.they are of good qualities and the latest designs, which will make you a shining star.
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